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UPDATE - 02/12/15: KT Ordnance CLOSING.

UPDATE - 02/12/15: KT Ordnance will be closing operations.

ALL inventory is on-sale and available in limited numbers.

  • 10) AR-15 - $225.00 ea.
  • 12) Sig 228 (226, 228, and 229 can all be made from this frame) - $300.00 ea.
  • 43) Ruger MK1 - $30.00 ea.
  • 40) 1911 - $335.00 ea.

JPFO Due to the increasing erosion of First and Second Amendment rights, we have decided to offer our services to those who desire to take their rights seriously. We are now offering, to those who meet the legal requirements, components and the experience to build their own arms.

These DIY projects have wide appeal, and have experienced a tremendous growth in popularity.

Federal requirements state that the builder of the arms must do the work himself. What we offer is a standard 80% unfinished frame. Here we machine the unfinished frame to an almost completed stage. You are then free to complete the unfinished frame as you see fit. Many of these become one-of-a-kind show pieces, others become functional tools.

For more information on the restrictions and requirements for manufacturing your own arms see our About page.

To view our current offerings, please visit our Products page.

If you still have questions, feel free to Contact us.

Thank You,

Richard-Patrick: House of Celata - Proprietor KT Ordnance

Latest info regarding USA v. 1911
Celata - Plaintiff's Verified Complaint for Forfeiture In REM - PDF - 5.7Mb
Brief in Support of Motion for Relief from Order - PDF - 500Kb
Exhibit A to Brief in Support of Mx for Relief - PDF - 25Kb
Exhibit B to Brief in Support of Mx for Relief - PDF - 34Kb
Exhibit C to Brief in Support of Mx for Relief - PDF - 48Kb
Exhibit D to Brief in Support of Mx for Relief - PDF - 700Kb
Motion for relief from order - PDF - 31Kb
Order dismissing case - PDF - 22Kb
US Voluntary Mx to Dismiss Civil Forfeiture - PDF - 30Kb
Affidavit of Attorney Fees and Expenses - PDF - 220Kb
US Response in Opposition to Celata's Brief for Relief - PDF - 170Kb
Celata Letter - PDF - 32Kb

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Government 101 - How to teach your children
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~ Sara Brady of Hand Gun Inc. ~
"The ONLY reason for guns in civilian hands is for sporting purposes."

~ KristiTool/KTO ~
"Saving one's life is not a sporting purpose. There's nothing sporting about it."

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