Popularity of Strategies, Best Strategy Games of All Time
Welcome to Ktordnance, a Site for strategy games. Any field of life, be it cracking a competitive exam or your high school exam or a healthy, requires an effective strategy that makes you go a long way. A plan without a strategy is like traveling through a maze. You keep moving round and round but fail to find the exit point. Similarly, the best great strategy games in the gaming industry require a great deal of strategy to get through it. Games might sound easy, and most people tend to take them for granted because of the leisure factor involved with it, but dealing with the best great strategy games is no less than getting an A+ in your mathematics test. It is just that easy or difficult. Ktordnance is a site that trains you and makes you aware of the best strategies that you can use to play the best great strategy games. Strategy games stand as an inspiration behind creating many slots you can easily find on online casinos. To play them for free, check out these guys where you can claim free spins offers that you can redeem at selected online establishments.
Why are Strategy Games so Popular?
The popularity of the best great strategy game is increasing day by day and that is not for just no reason. Here are some of the reasons why people like playing great strategy games over all other types of games.

  1. Need for making new strategies per game: the need to make new strategies for every game makes the games more and more exciting and cuts down the monotony. People who like playing games for sheer excitement, love playing these games.
  2. Balancing of building the economy and fighting: the best great strategy games require the players to build and balance the economy in the games thus challenging their analytical powers and boosting your brain elements
  3. Multiple choices: the best great strategy games can be played solo against computers, co-op with friends or against other players. This makes the games liable to ample choice, unlike other games that can be played either with friends or alone.
  4. Easy to learn but difficult to master: these games are easy to learn but they need a great deal of practice to master the skills and strategies required to become an ace player.

New Strategy Games You Have to Try

  1. Sid Meier’s Civilization 6: a transcendence of the human civilization beginning from the stone age and merging into the information age is a great way to learn about our history
  2. Into the Breach: a plot of aliens and human trespassers who have to save themselves from the wrath of the furious aliens.
  3. XCOM 2: another game on an alien who is ruling the earth and you have to play the savior of the earth with your strategies have to save the earth
  4. Total War: Warhammer 2: why is it that the best great strategy games are mostly based on abstract aliens capturing the world. because the best of the strategies are required in your defense when you know nothing about the lethality of the enemies.
  5. Anno 1800: this simple game is based on an upcoming new era of South America which is full of adventure and thrill.

Starcraft 2 – Benchmark for Esport Strategy

the game has been considered a benchmark for the year 2019 due to its popularity and gameplay and the game engine that makes it so unique in the great pool of strategy games.

Biggest Starcraft 2 Tournaments

1. HomeStory Cup XX held between November 21 to 24 in Berlin, Germany.

2. WCS Fall: Europe Qualifier held between August 8 to 24 with a prize pool of $10,000

3. WCS Fall: North America Qualifier held between August 8 to 25 with a prize pool of $10,000

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Greatest Strategy Games of All Time

  1. Hearts of Iron IV: this one came in the year 2016 but is based on the world war 2 era
  2. Imperialism 2: this one is a wargame that requires strategies for theme park management
  3. Warlords III: Darklords Rising: with a minimalist approach this game says a lot about the wars and its strategies
  4. Dune 2 Legacy: a war between two imaginary lands full of fantasy will surely take you to the land of fantasy too
  5. The Battle for Wesnoth: Wesnoth is a combination of the words west and north that tells us a lot about the war between the western and the northern kingdoms
  6. Command & Conquer: a hardcore science fiction based game
  7. Ground Control: warfare that involves tanks, cannons and lots of bullets
  8. Myth: The Fallen Lords: a treacherous fight with swords
  9. Offworld Trading Company: war of trades and colonialism
  10. Heroes of Might and Magic III: a great strategy and approach based games.