Best Strategy Games in History

This is a genius deeply rooted in the genes of the PC. This is one of the most popular game genres and today there are so many different strategy games that some can even be played for real money in online casinos. You can try these unique games for free by visiting this site where you can get a free bonus for them. The strategy, whether turn by turn or in real-time, gives us every year impressive outings capable of satisfying the tastes of the amateurs of different types of Universe. Dirty Orcs, historical battles or significant moments in history, our selection will allow you to see more clearly for this year 2016.

  1. XCOM 2

While it does not redefine the mechanics of the saga, XCOM 2 manages, thanks to its new context of foreign dictatorship, to brilliantly renew the heroic tension revived in 2012 with Enemy Unknown. More customizable than ever, our units are facing an alien invader now at the controls of Earth. Gone are the days of the world organization supported by all the governments, the time is for clandestine operations involving specific strategic innovations such as the management of camouflaged phases or the numerous extractions of PNJ.

As tactical during its phases on the ground as fleshed out in its management aspect of the base, XCOM 2 is overflowing with content and even pays the luxury of proposing a more elaborate staging than ever. Now let’s hope that the few bugs encountered are quickly fixed by Firaxis, and we will keep the strategy game round by round of the year!

  1. Civilization VI

By borrowing some aspects from a competition that has challenged the hegemony of Civilization on the 4X World, Firaxis has succeeded in restoring its nobility to a 25-year-old license, which has never appeared as young as it is today. Without being free from blame, this sixth iteration of Civilization proposes many changes and the plethora of adjustments making the player’s experience more active than ever.

Smart and advanced city management, intelligent tree progression, expansion and specialization required thanks to neighborhoods are all arguments that pleasantly renew the Civilization experience, which today is only a few steps away from being truly exceptional. Well done, Firaxis.

  1. Total War: Warhammer

Having become one of the most extensive Sega licenses, Total War has been declined to all the sauces recently with notably Arena and Battles: Kingdom which is proving to be far from the original formula. However, it would be a mistake to see Total War: Warhammer as a new heresy, since if he proves to be the first to register in a fantasy universe, there is no less an episode in itself, and not one of the worst.

Without being so original in its mechanics, this Total War: Warhammer is nevertheless a very appreciable Breath of fresh air. In addition to the theme that offers much more freedom to developers, it is above all the little subtleties that give each side radically different gameplay that manages to promote immersion and replay while forcing to rethink a strategy that worked since the beginning of the series. In these conditions, it is a pity to have only access to 4 playable factions. Despite everything, this new Total War is a huge success and is one of the best episodes right from the start.

  1. Stellaris

Stellaris is not the best game out of the Paradox factory. Although enjoyable and immersive – the band is helping Well – this 4X lacks a depth to which a Crusader Kings 2 had accustomed us. On the other hand, thanks to a bright and intuitive ergonomics, Stellaris remains a positive value that should occupy you long hours’ solo and potentially, very long hours’ multiplayer if you manage to bring together some players because this mode is the most interesting in the long term.

Of course, we are waiting for Paradox Interactive to come around the corner because if a few free updates balance Stellaris, we will undoubtedly have to rely on the usual DLC which will enrich an already exciting experience but which could lay the foundations of a game even more masterful.

  1. Worms: Weapons of Mass Destruction

Worms W. M. D. is one of the best opuses of the series. It is necessary to say that by taking back the classic recipe of the franchise, going even to bring back to us the excellent sensations of the episode Armageddon, this title managed to convince us without too much force. The perfect feeling of the shots, the outstanding gun roster and the enticing graphics look are there to guarantee us long hours of fun.

More welcome, but of an unequal interest, the new features are not all successful, and that is why we will retain above all the craft system that just densified the gameplay. In any case, whether it’s solo, in competitive games or sitting with your friends on a couch, Worms W. M. D. is an excellent title that will reserve you many moments of fun.