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UPDATE – 01/26/16: KT Ordnance will only be accepting orders for multiple pieces (group-buys/wholesale).

ALL inventory is on-sale and available in limited numbers.

List updated 04/28/15

  • 12) AR-15A – $225.00 ea.
  • 2) AR-15B – $225.00 ea.
  • Sold Out) Sig 228 (226, 228, and 229 can all be made from this frame) – $300.00 ea.
  • Sold Out) Ruger MK1 – $30.00 ea.
  • 20) 1911 – $335.00 ea.

** Special order runs of over 100 pieces can be requested. Please contact us for pricing.

KT Ordnance manufactures all our unfinished frames using CNC technology ensuring that every unfinished frame is manufactured to exact tolerances, thus insuring a precision product.

All KT Ordnance unfinished frames are dip brazed or vacuum furnace brazed to produce a quality unfinished frame unlike other manufacturers. Blue prints are included with each unfinished frame.

We offer these unfinished frames in a variety of metals for those who desire a more unique firearm.

Steel: Burgon Tool Steel, Optiplate-XM® The finest ground and stress relieved resulfurized plate in the world. Case hardenable material, Blanchard ground +.010″/.030″ over nominal on thickness and width.

The BATFE’s Firearms Technology Branch (FTB) has held that in order for a 1911-style receiver-blank or receiver-casting not to be recognized as a “firearm”, the 1911-style receiver must not have:

  1. Slide rails or slide rail indexing marks
  2. A barrel seat
  3. More than two of the following four critical holes drilled
    1. Slide stop pivot
    2. Sear pivot
    3. Disconnector
    4. Hammer pin

As sighted in our determination letter dated May 16, 2008 A.D. by John R. Spencer FTB MMK:903050 311/2008-397

Products 80% Firearm Kits (click images for detail)

Build an outstanding, custom 1911 with one of these top-quality, single-stack receivers as the foundation. KT Ordnance frames come standard with everything that is an “option” with other manufactures, for less money, and proudly made in America. Precision machined from Opti-Plate, the finest ground and stress relieved resulfurized plate in the world, CNC machined to tight tolerances. Heat treated to Rc 18-22 for optimum performance and durability. Oversize frame rail area allows the gunsmith to achieve an exceptionally tight slide-to-frame fit for more consistent accuracy. Standard model offers a robust, economical foundation for a great, all-around shooter. It is already Race-Ready featuring integral, flared magazine well for lightning fast magazine changes and an integral plunger tube too. The KT 1911 has the strength that combat and action shooters require, with an integral accessory rail that accepts laser sights and tactical lights.

KT-1911/A1KT-1911/A1 – Our KT-1911/A1 (.45 cal) provides for the builder a unique unfinished frame to start a custom build.

In order to complete this unfinished frame: The slide rails cut, the barrel seat cut, hammer, and sear holes drilled.
1911 Rail Print (PDF)
1911 Hole Print (PDF)
Optional Slide-Rail Jig
Optional Finisher Kit

KT-10-A -- No Detail as yetSOLD OUT KT-10-A – The KT-10-A (.308 cal) is a replacement frame for the Armalite AR-10TM

In order to complete this frame: Drill selector hole, drill fire control holes (2 req.), mill out fire-control area.

KT-15KT-15-A – The KT-15-A (.223 cal) is a replacement frame for the Armalite AR-15TM

In order to complete this frame: Drill selector hole, drill fire control holes (2 req.), mill out fire-control area.

KT-15-BKT-15-B – The Franken-Stone AR Bolt-together KT-15 (.223 cal).

In order to complete this frame: Drill selector hole, drill fire control holes (2 req.), mill out fire-control area.

KT-1SOLD OUT KT-1 – The KT-1 (.22LR cal) is a replacement unfinished frame for the Ruger MK-1TM

In order to complete this unfinished frame:

Products Parts
All parts listed below are for the KT-1911/A1 only, unless specifically indicated for the KT-1911/P50.

Wooden GripsWooden Grips – Milled from solid wood and laser-engraved with your choice of two images, the Molon Labe crest or the GOA patriot. Both are available in either mag flair style or GI style bottom.

Slide StopSlide Stop –

Thumb SafetyThumb Safety –

One Piece Grip SafetyOne-piece Grip Safety / Mainspring Housing –
(grip safety deactivated)

Grip Safety –
Mainspring Housing – SOLD OUT
Barrel Bushing – SOLD OUT
Mag Release – SOLD OUT

Products Finisher Kits (optional)
Finisher kits include all the drill bits, taps and cutters necessary to complete a 60% unfinished frame.

KT-1911 Finisher KitKT-1911 Finisher Kit – Includes: .1180 Key Seat Cutter, 5/32 drill bit and a 14mm ball end mill.

1911 Angle Jig1911 Angle Jig – This Jig makes finishing your 60% frame a breeze!
Works for either the KT-1911/A1 or the KT-1911/P50.
Helps with: Mainspring Housing, Mag Flair, Feed Ramp, Slide Rails and Disconnecter.

CNC Gunsmithing Mini Set-up JigCNC Gunsmithing Mini Set-up Jig While not a KT Ordnance product, several of our customers have found the Mini Set-up Jig from CNC Gunsmithing a valuable aid in accomplishing the final steps of a KT-15 unfinished frame completion.

We are currently reviewing this product ourselves (look for more info at a later date) but we feel confident recommending this product due to our customer’s positive comments and the excellent reputation of CNC Gunsmithing.