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A 60% unfinished frame is actually a “special case” with the BATF and comes under restrictions that apply to any metal castings that are used to form the basis for gun parts.

In this case, what we are talking about is a metal casting that has been “almost” completed. It was cast, and then some of the milling work was done to it… but they stopped before they cut the slide rails (or any other combo of cuts that add up to the remaining 40% of the milling steps). Because the manufacturer stopped working on the piece BEFORE it was finished…. the piece is still in a state of limbo, so to speak…. it isn’t really a “Gun” but it isn’t really a raw hunk of metal either.

The castings do NOT have any serial numbers or roll marks on them (normally the last step in the manufacturing process). In this form they are still considered to be just pieces of metal as far as the BATF and the Brady Bill are concerned. If the manufacturer takes them one step further… then they are subject to all the laws of the land that apply to firearms. Remember that as far as the ATF is concerned… the frame/receiver IS the firearm…. and everything else is just parts.

So it is perfectly legal to order a 60% unfinished frame/receiver from the distributor and there is no paperwork at all involved. You do not need to be an FFL dealer, anyone that wants one can just call and give their credit card number and *poof* out it goes in the mail.

Ok….. sounds really cool huh? So what’s the rub?

Well the bottom line is… YOU (and only you) have to finish the final machining process on it yourself. There are no serial numbers and the firearm (once it is complete) can NEVER…. let me say that again to be sure you understand it… NEVER, EVER be sold to anyone else…. period! It would be a firearm for “personal use only” and the only other living soul that you may legally give it to would be an heir (to your son in your will for instance).

If you build your own firearm in this way, then you are acting as a firearms manufacturer which is perfectly legal as long as it is for personal use only. Much as it’s legal to make all the homemade wine/beer that you want as long as it is not for resale….(well same basic idea anyway).

See our 60% Unfinished Frames…

About KT Ordnance   About KT Ordnance

KT Ordnance is located in the beautiful State of Montana. A privately owned domestic company, KT Ordnance holds to the belief that in a free country, citizens should be able to pursue the opportunities of their choice.